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Fishing in the Valnerina
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Fishing in the Valnerina

Fishing in the no-kill sections of Valnerina.

Umbria offers a territory full of particularly precious natural watercourses to delight those who love fishing. The Nera River makes the Valnerina one of the most interesting, atmospheric and notable environments of the whole Central Apennine area.


The Regional Fishing Map (documenting watercourses classified in "areas", based on the fish species found there as well as on the environmental features) denotes the section of the Nera River, outside the town of Terni, as a Superior Area for Trout. The course of the Nera River is marked by clear cold-flowing water set in an environment of notable naturalistic interest. 

In these waters, the Fario Trout represents the principal fish species: to safeguard it, the Umbria Region created two no-kill sections on the Nera e Corno rivers, in the municipalities of Cerreto di Spoleto, Vallo di Nera e Ferentillo. This initiative encompasses alternative fishing methods (using an artificial lure technique – fly or spinning with barbless hook and the immediate release of the fish) which allows to reduce the pressure of sport fishing on the river ecosystem and therefore greater protection of the river.

Fishing in the Valnerina no-kill sections is allowed exclusively with advance phone booking and only with special fishing permit through the WebApp of the site (in addition to the type B license).

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Security Number and First Aid: 3926673372